Who is Adriana Galgano? Here I’m!

I support you in selling more and better  in your stores, Italian Style.
For over 20 years I have been working on
retail  training projects with  passion, especially  for clothing and footwear  companies at Ottantaventi Training
I love
travelling and visiting stores wherever I go.
Wherever  I go, I find
salespeople who could sell much more but they didn’t know.
So I create
How to sell in a store for you and for your customers to make both share better fashion stores experiences in selling and buying. Read what happened to me in shops in:


Who is Adriana Galgano? You can find a more detailed answer in my Linkedin profile, clicking here. 

I’m a sales and management training expert. I’ve coordinated many retail training projects that have increased  Customer VALUE by increasing the Customer perception of the VALUE of their buying experience.

I’m working to spread the awarness that the Customer’s incentive to make a choice comes from the company marketing process but reaches its completion or destruction in the retail store. Not trained shop assistants can cause many sales losses and, at the end, they can determined the failure of the store.

I’m author of articles.  For example:  CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE—THE NEW WAY TO INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS on Trainingmag.com.  Training magazine is a 55-year-old professional development magazine that advocates training and workforce development as a business tool. 

I’m promoting the content of our book: How to sell in a store. Clothing and Footwear.  This book is an excellent support which will help you to achieve more sales in your store. It illustrates clearly how to develop persuasive and selling skills in clothing and footwear stores. You can by it on Amazon.com just clicking here. Do it now!