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Vittorio Galgano, author of the book How to sell in a store

Vittorio Galgano, author of the book How to sell in a store

Vittorio Galgano is the author of the book How to sell in a store and is the founder of Ottantaventi Training. For over 30 years he has worked in training specializing in the field of sales and management.

In Ottantaventi Training he has been running a team who work tirelessly for the development of new knowledge and building courses. Their aim is  to equip the participants with the behaviour and motivation to improve results.

The techniques and methodology used  are created and constantly internally updated. They are based on research and experience in the field and are very practical,substantial and easy to apply.

The sales training programs he created with his team for many of the most important italian and international clothing and footwear companies  have a tremendous success.

Vittorio Galgano has also written  the best sellers:
Come sedurre il pubblico con la parola” (How to Seduce your Public with Words)
Come diventare un asso della vendita” (How to Become a Sales Ace).

His pole star is that today the most effective training for store assistants is focused on relationship, experience and emotions.

Store assistants need the motivations and the know-how to play four fundamental roles:

  1. PRODUCT EXPERTS: Shop assistants must be able to present new products, new fashion trends, new materials. They have to master  features and advantages method as to elicit emotions. They have to be ready to answer customers questions. It’s not easy since the changes in fashion and technologies are so rapid;
  2.  CONSULTANTS: They need very sensitive listening skills to take care of customers and their psychological motivations because “people agree only on what they wish to ear”
  3. CUSTOMERS EXPERIENCE CREATORS: the store assistants’ behavior is the most effective mean for creating customer experience  and for making the customers loyal
  4. PERSUADERS: able to bring the customer to the purchase decision and to cross sell in a natural way.