Real case!

“Good morning, I’m looking for  a white bag.”
“Ah, but the white ones are not on sale.”
“I said I would like it white, not on sale.”
The shop assistant  looks around and then exclaims:
“Excuse me, there is one in white and on sale.”
“I see, but it  has blue handles.”

Here there is  even  a case where the customer tries to sell herself a white bag and the shop assistant creates difficulties.

“It doesn’t matter, the handles  can be replaced…”- the shop assistant begins to look for them…”
“… But unfortunately we have run out of white handles!”
“Are you going to restocking them?”
“Yes  but I dont know when ….”
“Thank you, then I will come back another time.”

Sales is the art of identifying and understanding customer needs and creating solutions, not problems!