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First time on Wish to learn more on how to sell clothing and footwear in a store, Italian Style?

A warm welcome to you! ❤️

On my blog  we will share know how on building high-valued customer experience and related successful sales.

Together we will work on the content of  our book  HOW TO SELL IN A STORE – Clothing and Footwear, by Vittorio Galgano, the founder of Ottantaventi Training.

Wherever you are in the world, you can borrow or buy on simply clicking here.

Read it. It will be very useful.

 It illustrates clearly how to develop persuasive and selling skills in clothing and footwear stores.

The contents are based on the very successful  training program delivered to some of the most important clothing and footwear companies by Vittorio Galgano and Ottantaventi training, the company he founded more than 46  years ago. This  book is very practical and concrete. It contains powerful suggestions which are easy  to apply and valid wherever your store is located.

Wherever  I go, infact, I find salespeople who could sell much more but they didn’t know.

For example, once in New York,  in a very nice store  I asked for a dress and the saleswoman, named Sally, made me waste time showing me innapropriate clothes for work. Sally was kind and pleasant, but she  hadn’t asked me any questions about my needs and desires.

In Shanghai, the salesman got very angry at my second objection!

In Paris, in a well know clothing store, the shop assistent didn’t know how to answer to my question on the fabric and the fashion trends (!).

How many and what questions do you ask in your store? Do you uses techniques to handle objections? Let me know 🙂

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And… after a first time on, I look forward to hear from you again!